Antequil DuPeron is considered to have rekindled the interest, at least in the West, in scholarship and study of Zoroastrianism. Study and scholarship are vital for the sustenance of any faith. Post Antequil, in the eighteen century scholarship and research in Zoroastrian studies blossomed, not only within the Zoroastrian communities of Iran and India, but also in the West. The community has benefited from this enhancement by having at its disposal rich resources and material which have served the community well for the past century and more to quench its thirst for knowledge. In the past quarter of a century with the departure of stalwart scholars like -------------- scholarship within our community has not blossomed to the extent we would like to see it grow.

Knowing its value, it behooves our community worldwide to encourage and promote scholarship both within and outside our community. With this in mind the Society of Scholars of Zoroastrianism (SSZ) has been formed with a developing vision and a mission.

The SSZ Vision is to revive the tradition of learning and scholarship within our Zarathushti community worldwide among Behdins and Athornans alike.
The SSZ Mission is to promote interaction between and among academicians, theologians (priests) educationists, lay scholars and practitioners of Zoroastrianism through roundtable discussions, conferences and publications by:
- Encouraging local Zarathushti organizations/associations to hold annual conferences.
- Encouraging Behdins and Athornans to study and present at the conferences.
- Providing a platform for academicians, theologians (priests) educationists, lay scholars and practitioners to present their research and study at the conferences and receive feedback from the community.
- Enlightening the community and sparking their interest in learning, and developing a cadre of learned individuals both Athornans and Behdins within our community worldwide.
- Developing a scholarly Zoroastrian organization that is respected by other peer organizations in the scholarly/academic world.
For information about SSZ and future Conference plans, Contact :
- Pallan Ichaporia  (610-589-5419,
- Rohinton Rivetna (630-325-5383,
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